What are some Pro Tips for working in Plum?

Take your Plum game to the next level!

Take a peep at the Results Samples

On all of our product pages, you can see a “View Results Sample” button which will show you an example of what your dashboard will look like after you purchase—that way, you know exactly what photos, questions, and data you can expect! No secrets here.


You can repeat any project you've run before straight from the home page

Want to run another wave of a project?  We've made our project builder as quick and easy as possible, but why not save a little bit of time by clicking "Repeat Work" on the Plum Home Page?  Just choose the project you'd like to repeat, let us know if there are any changes that may be needed, and launch straight from the dashboard!


We Always Recommend Over-Sampling

Want to make sure your project hits 100% ASAP? Anytime you're buying a product that involves specific locations, make sure to include the full list of stores that are relevant to your project. Our providers will work with any store list that you have, but no need to choose a specific subset from your whole list. Providing your entire store list gives our providers plenty of flexibility—and, trust us, it always leads to a faster, more-complete execution!


Time is Money

Why wait? When a project launches, we don't hold anything back: as soon as data is approved, you'll see it on your dashboard. When setting your timeline for your project, try using the recommended timelines on our builder (unless you have a specific date in mind). That'll give us plenty of time to gather data from all your locations. You can count on it.