How much do custom projects cost?

Custom projects are priced based on number of responses or shoppers.

For custom audits and insights products the total cost is the number of responses multiplied by the cost per response, in addition to a flat programming fee applied to the project. The cost per response is determined by number of data points (questions or photos) and if your survey is location specific or can be completed anywhere. This starts at $14.50 per response and increases if additional data points are necessary.

There are programming fees that apply to custom projects, and they vary depending on what type of program is run. Please reach out to our team for more information about pricing, or a quote specific to your need. 

Additional items such as custom reports and videos are available at an additional cost.


For our custom trial products it is a simple cost per shopper + product reimbursement. Product reimbursement is a direct pass through from the customer to our agent. You will only be charged for the exact amount of the product cost + tax.