What are the categories of products available in the shop?

We offer Audits, Trial, Insights, Merchandising & Marketing products and more!

Below is a quick & simplified run down of our product categories! For more detail, or if you have any questions - send us a quick chat & we would be happy to talk through these with you. 

Audits - We send Agents into the store you select, to capture photos & answer questions about your product or your product's category.

Trial - Agents purchase your product online or in-store, bring it home, try it & let you know what they think in the form of feedback sent through the app or an online review.

Insights - Agents let you know their thoughts on your product or category in store, or can tell you what they think of a concept while they're at home.

Merchandising - We've partnered with Merchandising companies to offer services such as setting up a display or zoning a shelf.

Marketing - Professional brand photography taken by Aisle 9 photographers. 

E-Commerce - Anything you need for your digital sales strategies