What is Plum?

An overview of Plum, the marketplace, and why it exists.

Plum is your newest one-stop shop for retail solutions. Plum is a marketplace where you can find and purchase products that address your needs at retail. Whether you are looking for in-store visibility, driving trials, merchandising, or much more, you can find a product for you on Plum. 

Plum was created by Field Agent and is operated by the Field Agent team, but Plum is intended to be a brand and vision much larger than Field Agent's past products. On Plum, you can find retail solutions offered by many third-party providers, including Field Agent, and you can even request to have your services offered on Plum as well. 


Creating and launching Plum projects should be a breeze and with a few clicks, you can activate a project in no time!


Thanks for shopping with Plum!