What kind of projects can be submitted as a custom request?

All kinds of needs (think - audits with specific requests, insights studies with screening, & merchandising solutions not listed in the shop) can be met by working with our Custom Solutions team!

How? A custom request form can be found on the Plum Shop homepage.


Our Custom Solutions team is always willing to chat and learn about your specific need. Just because something isn't mentioned here or in the Marketplace, doesn't mean it is not possible! 

Before we get into a few common examples of Custom projects - the big thing to remember is our Agents are everyday shoppers. So, if a typical shopper would be unable to complete the audit or insights task in mind, it is likely our Agents couldn't either.

An important caveat is merchandising! We partner with 3rd party merchandising companies, so our Agents are not completing merchandising tasks - professional merchandisers are!

What are "typical" custom requests we see?

  • Insights projects customized to find out exactly what our client is looking to find out about their product or category
  • Audits where more and/or different photos than are available in the shop are needed 
  • Merchandising needs that don't quite fit products in the shop
  • Trial or Insights work with screening requirements

Remember that these are just examples!

Submit a Custom Request & we will reach out to you to discuss the project.